Response Reference#


class botocore.response.StreamingBody(raw_stream, content_length)#

Wrapper class for an http response body.

This provides a few additional conveniences that do not exist in the urllib3 model:

  • Set the timeout on the socket (i.e read() timeouts)

  • Auto validation of content length, if the amount of bytes we read does not match the content length, an exception is raised.


Close the underlying http response stream.


Return an iterator to yield chunks of chunk_size bytes from the raw stream.

iter_lines(chunk_size=1024, keepends=False)#

Return an iterator to yield lines from the raw stream.

This is achieved by reading chunk of bytes (of size chunk_size) at a time from the raw stream, and then yielding lines from there.


Return the next 1k chunk from the raw stream.


Read at most amt bytes from the stream.

If the amt argument is omitted, read all data.


Return whether object was opened for reading.

If False, read() will raise OSError.


Return a list of lines from the stream.

hint can be specified to control the number of lines read: no more lines will be read if the total size (in bytes/characters) of all lines so far exceeds hint.


Set the timeout seconds on the socket.


Return current stream position.