class SimSpaceWeaver.Client#

A low-level client representing AWS SimSpace Weaver

SimSpace Weaver (SimSpace Weaver) is a service that you can use to build and run large-scale spatial simulations in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. For example, you can create crowd simulations, large real-world environments, and immersive and interactive experiences. For more information about SimSpace Weaver, see the SimSpace Weaver User Guide .

This API reference describes the API operations and data types that you can use to communicate directly with SimSpace Weaver.

SimSpace Weaver also provides the SimSpace Weaver app SDK, which you use for app development. The SimSpace Weaver app SDK API reference is included in the SimSpace Weaver app SDK documentation. This documentation is part of the SimSpace Weaver app SDK distributable package.

client = session.create_client('simspaceweaver')

These are the available methods:

Client Exceptions#

Client exceptions are available on a client instance via the exceptions property. For more detailed instructions and examples on the exact usage of client exceptions, see the error handling user guide.

The available client exceptions are: