Comprehend / Client / exceptions / InvalidRequestException


class Comprehend.Client.exceptions.InvalidRequestException#

The request is invalid.


except client.exceptions.InvalidRequestException as e:

The parsed error response. All exceptions have a top level Error key that provides normalized access to common exception atrributes. All other keys are specific to this service or exception class.


    'Message': 'string',
    'Reason': 'INVALID_DOCUMENT',
    'Detail': {
    'Error': {
        'Code': 'string',
        'Message': 'string'


  • (dict) –

    The request is invalid.

    • Message (string) –

    • Reason (string) –

    • Detail (dict) –

      Provides additional detail about why the request failed:

      • Document size is too large - Check the size of your file and resubmit the request.

      • Document type is not supported - Check the file type and resubmit the request.

      • Too many pages in the document - Check the number of pages in your file and resubmit the request.

      • Access denied to Amazon Textract - Verify that your account has permission to use Amazon Textract API operations and resubmit the request.

      • Reason (string) –

        Reason code is INVALID_DOCUMENT.

    • Error (dict) – Normalized access to common exception attributes.

      • Code (string) – An identifier specifying the exception type.

      • Message (string) – A descriptive message explaining why the exception occured.