MainframeModernization / Client / update_environment



Updates the configuration details for a specific runtime environment.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.update_environment(
  • applyDuringMaintenanceWindow (boolean) – Indicates whether to update the runtime environment during the maintenance window. The default is false. Currently, Amazon Web Services Mainframe Modernization accepts the engineVersion parameter only if applyDuringMaintenanceWindow is true. If any parameter other than engineVersion is provided in UpdateEnvironmentRequest, it will fail if applyDuringMaintenanceWindow is set to true.

  • desiredCapacity (integer) – The desired capacity for the runtime environment to update. The minimum possible value is 0 and the maximum is 100.

  • engineVersion (string) – The version of the runtime engine for the runtime environment.

  • environmentId (string) –


    The unique identifier of the runtime environment that you want to update.

  • forceUpdate (boolean) –

    Forces the updates on the environment. This option is needed if the applications in the environment are not stopped or if there are ongoing application-related activities in the environment.

    If you use this option, be aware that it could lead to data corruption in the applications, and that you might need to perform repair and recovery procedures for the applications.

    This option is not needed if the attribute being updated is preferredMaintenanceWindow.

  • instanceType (string) – The instance type for the runtime environment to update.

  • preferredMaintenanceWindow (string) –

    Configures the maintenance window that you want for the runtime environment. The maintenance window must have the format ddd:hh24:mi-ddd:hh24:mi and must be less than 24 hours. The following two examples are valid maintenance windows: sun:23:45-mon:00:15 or sat:01:00-sat:03:00.

    If you do not provide a value, a random system-generated value will be assigned.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'environmentId': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • environmentId (string) –

      The unique identifier of the runtime environment that was updated.