RDS / Waiter / DBClusterDeleted


class RDS.Waiter.DBClusterDeleted#
waiter = client.get_waiter('db_cluster_deleted')

Polls RDS.Client.describe_db_clusters() every 30 seconds until a successful state is reached. An error is returned after 60 failed checks.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

            'Name': 'string',
            'Values': [
        'Delay': 123,
        'MaxAttempts': 123
  • DBClusterIdentifier (string) –

    The user-supplied DB cluster identifier or the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the DB cluster. If this parameter is specified, information for only the specific DB cluster is returned. This parameter isn’t case-sensitive.


    • If supplied, must match an existing DB cluster identifier.

  • Filters (list) –

    A filter that specifies one or more DB clusters to describe.

    Supported Filters:

    • clone-group-id - Accepts clone group identifiers. The results list only includes information about the DB clusters associated with these clone groups.

    • db-cluster-id - Accepts DB cluster identifiers and DB cluster Amazon Resource Names (ARNs). The results list only includes information about the DB clusters identified by these ARNs.

    • db-cluster-resource-id - Accepts DB cluster resource identifiers. The results list will only include information about the DB clusters identified by these DB cluster resource identifiers.

    • domain - Accepts Active Directory directory IDs. The results list only includes information about the DB clusters associated with these domains.

    • engine - Accepts engine names. The results list only includes information about the DB clusters for these engines.

    • (dict) –

      A filter name and value pair that is used to return a more specific list of results from a describe operation. Filters can be used to match a set of resources by specific criteria, such as IDs. The filters supported by a describe operation are documented with the describe operation.


      Currently, wildcards are not supported in filters.

      The following actions can be filtered:

      • DescribeDBClusterBacktracks

      • DescribeDBClusterEndpoints

      • DescribeDBClusters

      • DescribeDBInstances

      • DescribeDBRecommendations

      • DescribeDBShardGroups

      • DescribePendingMaintenanceActions

      • Name (string) – [REQUIRED]

        The name of the filter. Filter names are case-sensitive.

      • Values (list) – [REQUIRED]

        One or more filter values. Filter values are case-sensitive.

        • (string) –

  • MaxRecords (integer) –

    The maximum number of records to include in the response. If more records exist than the specified MaxRecords value, a pagination token called a marker is included in the response so you can retrieve the remaining results.

    Default: 100

    Constraints: Minimum 20, maximum 100

  • Marker (string) – An optional pagination token provided by a previous DescribeDBClusters request. If this parameter is specified, the response includes only records beyond the marker, up to the value specified by MaxRecords.

  • IncludeShared (boolean) – Specifies whether the output includes information about clusters shared from other Amazon Web Services accounts.

  • WaiterConfig (dict) –

    A dictionary that provides parameters to control waiting behavior.

    • Delay (integer) –

      The amount of time in seconds to wait between attempts. Default: 30

    • MaxAttempts (integer) –

      The maximum number of attempts to be made. Default: 60