S3Outposts / Client / list_outposts_with_s3



Lists the Outposts with S3 on Outposts capacity for your Amazon Web Services account. Includes S3 on Outposts that you have access to as the Outposts owner, or as a shared user from Resource Access Manager (RAM).

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.list_outposts_with_s3(
  • NextToken (string) – When you can get additional results from the ListOutpostsWithS3 call, a NextToken parameter is returned in the output. You can then pass in a subsequent command to the NextToken parameter to continue listing additional Outposts.

  • MaxResults (integer) – The maximum number of Outposts to return. The limit is 100.

Return type:



Response Syntax

    'Outposts': [
            'OutpostArn': 'string',
            'S3OutpostArn': 'string',
            'OutpostId': 'string',
            'OwnerId': 'string',
            'CapacityInBytes': 123
    'NextToken': 'string'

Response Structure

  • (dict) –

    • Outposts (list) –

      Returns the list of Outposts that have the following characteristics:

      • outposts that have S3 provisioned

      • outposts that are Active (not pending any provisioning nor decommissioned)

      • outposts to which the the calling Amazon Web Services account has access

      • (dict) –

        Contains the details for the Outpost object.

        • OutpostArn (string) –

          Specifies the unique Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the outpost.

        • S3OutpostArn (string) –

          Specifies the unique S3 on Outposts ARN for use with Resource Access Manager (RAM).

        • OutpostId (string) –

          Specifies the unique identifier for the outpost.

        • OwnerId (string) –

          Returns the Amazon Web Services account ID of the outpost owner. Useful for comparing owned versus shared outposts.

        • CapacityInBytes (integer) –

          The Amazon S3 capacity of the outpost in bytes.

    • NextToken (string) –

      Returns a token that you can use to call ListOutpostsWithS3 again and receive additional results, if there are any.