SSO / Client / logout



Removes the locally stored SSO tokens from the client-side cache and sends an API call to the IAM Identity Center service to invalidate the corresponding server-side IAM Identity Center sign in session.


If a user uses IAM Identity Center to access the AWS CLI, the user’s IAM Identity Center sign in session is used to obtain an IAM session, as specified in the corresponding IAM Identity Center permission set. More specifically, IAM Identity Center assumes an IAM role in the target account on behalf of the user, and the corresponding temporary AWS credentials are returned to the client.

After user logout, any existing IAM role sessions that were created by using IAM Identity Center permission sets continue based on the duration configured in the permission set. For more information, see User authentications in the IAM Identity Center User Guide.

See also: AWS API Documentation

Request Syntax

response = client.logout(

accessToken (string) –


The token issued by the CreateToken API call. For more information, see CreateToken in the IAM Identity Center OIDC API Reference Guide.